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We are a brother and sister team who have played bingo for many years. Playing in a bingo hall is really great fun but we do find that we tend to have to hurry to keep pace with the caller. Online Bingo became our new passion once we discovered the autodaub feature. We were still able to chat in the chatroom and take part in the funfilled chat games, but there, in front of our eyes, the auto dauber marked our cards. This site itself is geared towards our great UK Bingo market. Far too many sites generalise and provide their visitor with dollar based sites. Hey! We are British and we want pounds!

Having been in the Online Gaming business for some years now, we are well aware of the possible problems faced by Players as a whole. As the Player is the prime asset to all Online Gaming, we have taken pride in choosing the right Bingo Halls where you will receive warm welcomes, great games, and above all fair and honest customer service.

You will be aware of the fact that we unfortunately do not have control over any recommended Bingo Hall, however our success and your peace of mind in playing at these Bingo Halls will be measured by the fact that we are in the process of creating a forum. The intension of this forum is to create a larger base where folks World wide can have the pleasure of sharing great ideas, recipes and so on. However the forum will also act as a communication to us, and should any of our Players experience a problem during their visit, they will be able to pass this information onto us, so that we in turn may then look into the matter with the utmost respect and confidentiality to all concerned.

Play Online Bingo Games Affiliations

In an effort to know as much about the market and changes as well, we have affiliated to some well known industry organisations. This has allowed us to be aware of who is behaving badly and who is exceeding expectations. We do allow this to influence us so hopefully you will be visiting the best bingo halls available. These organisations are:

Gambling Industry Association: A little different to the other forums in that it is a home for webmasters, players, managers, and owners alike. The focus is on the industry and its ups and downs. The members are all knowledgeable sorts who can contribute in most discussions on most topics.

Gambling Portal Webmasters Association: The GPWA is a long established group of webmasters who get together to share information about the market. Most interaction is behind closed doors so honesty is definitely at an all time high. We have learned most of what we know from fellow webmasters of the GPWA.

Casino Affiliate Programs: The CAP forum is busy and has some of the biggest members in the industry. There are some very vocal members here who are extremely up to date on matters affecting players. We often learn about badly behaved bingo halls and casinos from fellow CAP members.

Association of Professional Casino Webmasters: The APCW is more of an industry watchdog with a focus on the affiliate. Issues surrounding player complaints are dealt with though and the members here are extremely well read.

This Casino Sucks: I know that it appears to be a less than serious forum but the sucks board is actually run by some of the strongest webmasters out there. They know what's happening and have a decent player base who are not scared to speak their minds.

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