Beginners online bingo - A guide

You accessed the internet, you arrived at our bingo site, and now you're wondering about the next step. What should you know?

First and foremost you need to go through the reviews of all our bingo sites listed, and find the one most suited to you. As all Bingo Halls at this site have been listed for their Integrity and fainess of play, this could prove a difficult task, so we would suggest that you actually visit the Bingo Halls (you would not need to register or download at this stage). When visiting a Bingo Hall, their front page would be displayed, and you will of course be able to see what bonuses they offer to first time players, read up on that particular Bingo Hall, as well as what particular games are on offer such as 75 or 90 ball Bingo, also the types of play available such as patterns, progressives, tournaments and bingo hall specials.

Once you have decided on a Bingo Hall, you will then need to register an account. The banking side can either be via a credit card or this can be done through a number of Banking Options recommended by that Bingo Hall. The World of Banking Online is spread over a multitute of options, and each Bingo Hall have through experience, chosen the options they feel will be of the greatest benefit to you, their Customer. Should the need arise, you may also contact the Banking fraternities concerned for further details by visiting their websites, and again if necessary contact them direct. From this point you would then need to click onto the Bingo Hall Cashier where you will buy your bingo cards for the next game up, and each Hall has a minimum and maximum amount of cards that you may buy at any one time. In most cases folks like to buy per game, but you can also buy cards for the following games. With the audio sound on you will hear each ball number as it is called, as well as having a visual of the ball number called and an indicator as to how many balls have been called. Some folks like to go the “old fashioned” way and daub (dabb) the numbers as they are called, provided of course that you do not have too many cards, whereas some like to just watch as play takes place on the screen. Either way, the sophistication of the computors will automatically pick up the winning card/s, and the name of the winner will be displayed on the screen, and credit your account.

The highlight to the majority of regular players is the Chat Room, here you get to converse with folks from all walks of life across the Nation, share amusements, joke with one another, ask the CM questions and just generally have a great time. Bingo is history on its own, so while you are about it read up on the History of Bingo at this site, as well as the Bingo Lingo used in the chat room and Calling Names of each number.

Last but certainly not least folks, please bear in mind at all times that Bingo IS a form of Gambling and should be taken seriously. Before embarking on your Bingo journey, make sure that you have set aside a disciplined amount with which to play, and at no time even consider exceeding this amount with “just one more game”. Players wanting to play either at online casinos or bingo halls need to be 18 years and over in most Countries, but if you are not sure, please contact your Local Government Department and confirm this with them. With total respect for your confidential information, all Bingo Halls have highly technological systems in place for your protection.

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