Everything works cyclically

Our world is based on 2 opposite charged poles. Everywhere you look you find good faced with bad, mater faced with antimatter in the universe, positive against negative, winning against losing. Physicians came up with the idea of mater and antimatter which could not be proven for a long time; it was only based on the theory of perfect balance.

Perfect balance exists everywhere in the universe that is why everything moves in cycles.

Believe it or not casinos and gambling work the same way with the same theory, but here it is all about winning and losing. The roulette table represents the perfect example for this idea. On the long run, after about a thousand spins you will notice that if the zero field won`t be on the table the outcome will not be 500 to 500 red and black.

The zero fields are there to break the perfect balance and give the casinos a small but sure winning margin in an ideal situation.

This can be a very good strategy, but it needs practicing before going to the casino, and it can be applied in practice by searching for long-term losses, series of reds and blacks by the roulette table or slot machines where someone has just lost. Casinos don’t like that and because they lose this way there are many gaming tables and games in particular where you are not allowed to stay and watch for a long time or at all.

There are demonstration game tables where you can play and exercise the game, even your own strategy, as in blackjack or roulette and after that you are pretty welcome in the casino lounge to play for real money.

It is still easier if you play online, and you have a big advantage against the computer, because you can make your statistics even charts if you want to, and it can be done in a few minutes. Spinning the roulette wheel is done faster than in real life, you can even beat the dealer at the blackjack table with a solid winning smile on your face, and be sure that computer will not notice.

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