Tips For Playing Bingo

Even though it is not a difficult game to play, as a first time player you need tips that can help you play like a professional. The following tips for playing bingo may come in handy for both beginners and seasoned players.

Stay alert. This may seem a bit obvious but it may make all the difference between you winning and missing out a chance to walk away with the prize. To this end it is advisable that you avoid getting drunk as this may interfere with your concentration. Experts also suggest exercising a lot as this helps to improve your concentration span. Being attentive will also help you keep up with the caller so that you do not miss numbers called out.

Play as many tickets as you can. This being a game of luck and chance, playing many tickets increases your chances of winning. Many first timers may find it difficult to play more than two cards at a go. With a bit of logic however you may be able to play up to 6 cards. With six cards you will need to be very keen and mark every number the caller calls out. The struggle for many people is usually in finding the exact location of each number. Looking at your bingo cards you will notice that as much as the numbers are randomly arranged there is some logical order. For instance the first column usually has the numbers 1-15, the second column 16-30 and so on. When the caller calls out the number 12 therefore it follows logic that this can only be found in the first column.

Be loud enough when calling out bingo. Shouting” Bingo“ is the standard bingo call. Other variations such as “Yes” or “here it is “are allowed. Whichever call out you choose to use it is important that you are loud enough as to stop the caller from calling out the next number. Speed is also of the essence when calling out bingo. As soon as you finish a pattern call out Bingo. This will help you shout out before anyone else does.

Playing bingo is fun and the above tips may help to increase the fun by ensuring you win.

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