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Bingo and keno are two games that appear very similar and people often confuse them, but they do have some distinct differences between them. A lot of people have a preference for bingo in the U.K as it is more widely known but keno also has an avid following. Let`s look at the major differences between keno and bingo. In bingo, players do not choose their own numbers but use pre printed cards with random numbers printed on them. They can only be used for a particular game or day of play. Conversely when you play keno, you do get to choose your own numbers, up to twenty and then you mark them down on a form and register them for your games.

In bingo there is normally only one final winner as bingo numbers are picked randomly until someone gets a full house. With keno numbers are drawn but as keno players got to choose their own numbers at the start of the game, more than one person may have chosen the right set of numbers to win and therefore there can be more than one winner. A bingo card is for a fixed amount and usually only for one game so a bingo player can only bet a set amount, but they can purchase more than one card per game. But with keno players can decide how much they want to bet on every game and they can also use the same numbers they have chosen for more than one game. Keno therefore involves a little more control over risk and reward.

Bingo prizes are issued on someone achieving a full house on their bingo card and a lower cash prize to people who have achieved complete rows or columns. With keno there is a more rigid structure to winning and all players have the same chance of winning the exact same prize money. There are many different combinations of numbers that Keno players can bet on, for example certain sets of numbers or combinations of sets. Bingo offers more flexibility in its prize structure and individual bingo halls can offer different types of jackpot and spot prizes as they wish.

Keno may suit the more analytical person, who likes to calculate risk and reward but at the end of the day they are both fun and engaging games of chance with a pleasant social aspect to them. As well as the traditional bingo hall, bingo and keno are enjoyed by many people online. Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular and websites often offer great promotions that you can access with a code like a Virgin Bingo code. If you are new to playing bingo or keno online a promotional offer is a great way to get started.

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